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Post by Jetboy » Thu Sep 18, 2008 8:47 am

What this section is for:
* Passing on good deals to other members
* Selling goods privately and hopefully within a trustworthy community
* Linking to your own trademe auctions (with a stated price for KSR members)

What this section is NOT for:
* On-Selling, or "selling on behalf of"
* Selling products on a regular basis on the pretense of turning a personal profit (that's what Trademe's for) if your not sure about this PM a mod

Please, state a price. Even if you don't know how much it is worth, just give it a rough price. If its right, you'll make a sale. If its too high, you won't. Also indicate the conditions of postage and packaging: Inclusive, Exclusive (buyer pays extra) or Buyer Picks Up. If you don't know what the price should be then" onclick=";return false; find something on there similar and knock a few dollars off (10-20% or so)

Please keep this place clean, no price competitions. let people who really want to trade their old parts get what they want.

If you have a question of the seller, either post it in the thread, or use the PM system. If you disagree with something the seller has done, DO NOT make a public flame war about it. Make use of the PM system. Make use of the several moderators to sort out any differences. Flame wars and public b1tching is not acceptable behavior.

No running of auctions, to accept "offers" on the pretence of accepting the highest bidder is to ask for trouble, please state the expected amount for your goods and negotiate privately with those interested parties as to the final buy price.

Do not use "dibs." You're either going to buy it or you're not. If you have to think about whether you have the money or not, then you obviously don't.

If your going to post a picture of the item that your selling then grab" onclick=";return false; and ensure that the files have been resized down to a reasonable size (ie sub 200k, and something like 1024x768) images that are raw off a camera and sized like 2800x1600 will be deleted

No ripping off or conning, offenders will be automatically banned. no second chance. if necessary, all available information will be forwarded to the police. the same applies for members attempting to pawn off illegal goods such as pirated software and movies.

No Price Checks
This is a buy/sell forum, not a price check forum. If you are unsure of what price to slap on your gear, then go to and browse. See if you can find similar equipment and look at the prices given. Take off 10-20% and that's how much you should be looking at here.

The moderators retain the right to delete or edit your posts/threads and if you have done wrong, you can expect to be told about it.

Buyers: Remember that there is a level of trust involved. If you are ripped off, or conned, contact our moderators immediately. Be warned that in the end, we accept no liability for any loss or damages, monetary, emotional or otherwise.

To help keep things tidy and easy to follow, please put one of the following in your thread title:

FS:for sale
WTB:want to buy

Posts not adhering to the rules above will be deleted