10-4-10 Hanmer Racing Fundraising Raffle

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10-4-10 Hanmer Racing Fundraising Raffle

Post by Bull » Sun Aug 14, 2016 12:33 pm

Hey Guys,

As most of you know in my spare time I also race on the real track as well. This season coming up I've gotten together with 3 other guys to pool our resources and time together to help each other out, on and off the track. We've made a lot of progress this season, but as a little side fundraiser to help boost the funds we've put together a great raffle with some awesome prizes. Some of the prizes will probably be more suited to people in the South Island but we can certainly ship some of the smaller prizes up north.

Theres 10 great prizes available, and the order the raffle numbers are drawn out will decide who gets to choose what - eg first number drawn out that person gets first choice of prize, second number gets second choice and so on. Theres a couple of great travel packages to Hanmer incl accomodation, spa massage etc, dinner vouchers, electric garage door opener and so on - further details in the photo.

I certainly appreciate any help from you guys, every ticket sold gets me a little closer to being back on track in October. Tickets are a small $10 each, and can be either paid by the bank deposit, or in cash to me if thats easier. Message me to reserve your ticket number.


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