Newbie Night 2009 - Rules & Drivers List

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Newbie Night 2009 - Rules & Drivers List

Post by nanna driver » Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:14 pm

Newbie Night Rules & Drivers List:

If you have been nominated for Newbie Night doesn't necessarily mean you are on Newbie Night. There will be a selection process and if selected you will need to send your registered online name, real name, age, real email address, home or cell phone (physical address is optional) to Me. If you have any problems with that, you can PM me.

When you are selected to race on Newbie Night you will have a Team Speak account created for you and your login will be sent to you. All people racing Heat that are wanting a Team speak account set up will now have to send the request by PM to Heatadmin and NOT Inspector. This takes time to sort out so if it is not set up straight away do not send heaps of PMs about it or the account will not be set up for you.

Newbie Night Rules:
1 All Drivers Must Have TeamSpeak with Working Mics and Be on for Roll Call at 7.05pm Tues Night
2 All drivers will line up for standing starts in AI grids, unless requested otherwise. Gridding will be done in a respectable manner.
3 There will be NO attacking other drivers (this includes hitting of stationary cars, right turning from a stationary position on the pole line/to take another car out, waiting to intentionally block another car and running a car full steam off the straight)
4 Using another car in front as brakes to go into corners will not be tolerated.
5 No wall riding (using wall to get around the corner).
6 All drivers will take care not to pull out in front of oncoming traffic when turning around.
7 Cutting of the grass is also forbidden (drivers putting wheels onto the grass to attack another driver).
8 Space barring off the wall is forbidden.
9 There will be no talking during racing.
10 All racing will be in a anti-clockwise direction.
1 All drivers will register on KiwiSimRacing before racing.
12 There will be no abuse of any member at any time - while in servers, forums, TeamSpeak, MSN, etc.
13 Broken Wheels/Blown Engine - During the race if either of these happen to you, you MUST pull off the track right away and remain in that spot. Unless you have taken the white flag with this damage you may continue to finish the race.

Note: Failure to abide rules and instruction from admin will result in exclusion.

Drivers List: (all agreed to rules)

52a Superstock

Please Note: The Admin and password list drivers are there to help and advise you on the night. Please take in what they say as constructive advice.

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Re: Newbie Night 2009 - Rules & Drivers List

Post by St3v0 » Sat May 01, 2010 11:38 pm

:D read & agree _b _b

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Re: Newbie Night 2009 - Rules & Drivers List

Post by Jays » Tue May 25, 2010 9:06 pm

read and agree although dont have a mic yet

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Re: Newbie Night 2009 - Rules & Drivers List

Post by Corey43C » Wed May 26, 2010 11:50 am

Yay , Read And Agreed

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