Stockcar Heat 08 - 24/7 Simulation Server Rules & Info

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Stockcar Heat 08 - 24/7 Simulation Server Rules & Info

Post by Heatadmin » Wed Jan 30, 2008 11:51 am

InSPire Stockcar Heat 24/7 Simulation Server (

Welcome to the InSPire Superstock Simulation, firstly the league would like to thank its sponsors:

The Dirt Shop

Without them this would not be possible. Also a big thanks to Inspector, DirtNZ, Riven and Ford Prefect for the time and effort that has gone in to the organization of the leagues servers, mods, forums, etc.

2008 24/7 Server Rules:

This server as the name suggests is open 24 hours a day, but will be closed at set times for league activities, these times of closure can be found under a post headed '24/7 Schedule', please make yourself familiar with this schedule. All other times the server will be open to Password Drivers for casual racing.

If you are not on the Password List the server is open to the public in the weekends from Friday 6.00pm to Sunday 6.00pm

Rules For The Open 24/7 Server:

1. Rolling starts will be done (unless directed otherwise by a admin).
2. Hitting of stationary cars is strictly forbidden at all times.
3. Turning hard right from a stationary position on the pole line is forbidden.
4. Turning hard right while racing to take another car out/wall constantly is forbidden.
5. There is to be no continual waiting & continual intentional blocking of cars.
6. No intentional holding cars on the wall for any period of time.
7. Running a car full steam off the straight / straight lining will not be tolerated.
8. Using another car in front as brakes to go into corners will not be tolerated (if driver of the hit car hits the wall hard then that is too hard).
9. There will be NO continual aggressive attacking other drivers.
10. No wall riding (using wall to get around the corner).
11. All drivers will take care not to pull out in front of oncoming traffic when turning around or coming off the infield.
12. Cutting of the grass is also forbidden (drivers putting wheels onto the grass to attack another driver).
13. Space barring off the wall is forbidden.
14. There will be no talking during racing at any time.
15. All racing will be in a anti-clockwise direction.
16. There will be no abuse of any member at any time - while in servers, forums, Team Speak, MSN, etc.
17. Failure to abide the rules and instruction from Admin will result in exclusion.
18. Broken Wheels - During the race if this happens to you, you should pull off the track right away if you can not control your car to a high enough standard.
19. Blown engine - During the race if this happens to you, you MUST pull off the track right away and remain in that spot. Unless you have taken the white flag with this damage you may continue to finish the race.
20. Banned drivers from KSR may be kicked without notice at any time.
21. The Admin reserves the right to place a password on the server at anytime to close the server for PW and non PW drivers.
22. Admin reserve the right to alter /amend these rules as they see fit from time to time for novelty type races by informing other drivers in the lobby prior to race stating.
23. Drivers coming into the server with a bad connection will be asked to leave. It is up to you to make sure you are not running any programs in the background (this includes MSN!).
24. All drivers will connect to the server at "56k Modem".
25. Your racing NAME must be longer then 2 letters or numbers. Names that are made up with the use of non letters or numbers may be asked to change. Current Members usernames must not be used and you will be asked to change or you may be booted from the server.

Usual action from Admin:

1. First you will receive a warning about what you are doing either by the public lobby or by personal message.
2. If you continue to break the rules and instruction from Admin you will be KICKED.
3. If you are on the password list and you still continue like this you will face a stand down until we feel you have improved.

Note: Admin reserve the right to kick anyone without notice or warning if they deem what they are doing deserves it.

Lobby Talk Rules:

The Admin team have been noticing a large slide in how people have been talking whilst in the sever lobby between races. We are not pointing the finger at any one person, but the community as a whole. We have been doing our best to improve the quality of driving and attitudes and we have noticed a vast improvement but the way we all talk whilst in between races in the server lobby has become a bit disgraceful and it is now time to stop it.

Swearing at others and saying things to other drivers such as 'You are gay' and 'I'm sleeping with your mum', personal attacks as well as other things along those lines are not a good look for the community and frankly will no longer be tolerated joking or not joking.

The bottom line is that if you can't say anything positive then don't say it at all so here is what will happen if you are seen to be talking like an idiot then you will be treated like one:

1. First you will receive a warning to clean your posting up either by PM or on the open lobby.
2. If you continue to talk like this and bad mouth people you will be KICKED.
3. If you are on the password list and you still continue like this you will face a stand down until we feel you have improved.

Please note:
1. This is for PM's as well as the open lobby and while racing.
2. This will be enforced and if it happens to you then you will only have yourself to blame.
3. If the Admin feel that the posts are of a really bad nature all people involved could be kicked without warning.

Guide To The 24/7 Server For Newbie’s

Below is a step by step guide of what you need to do to have more racing by exiting out after each race:
1. When you have passed the finish line at the end of the race and the AI takes over press the escape button once.
2. In the middle of the screen you have two options "Resume" or "Disconnect".
3. Select Disconnect, and that will disconnect you from the server.
4. Hit escape again until the Multiplayer screen comes up, then select Find, and when it has found the 24/7 Server wait for it to change from " X X/32 Racing InSPire Net Stockies" to "X X/32 Open InSPire Net Stockies". Then click Connect. Do not re-enter the server when it says "Racing"
5. If you enter the server and your screen name has a green dot beside it (while everyone else has a yellow dot), please go back to the Multiplayer Screen, find the 24/7 Server again, and up the top of the Screen where it says "X X/32 Open InSPire Net Stockies". wait until the screen reads exactly like this "X X/32 Ready InSPire Net Stockies". If you continue to enter whilst it says "Open" and you are green, the server cannot proceed to the next stage so we can't go racing.

Note: Please make sure you click 'Approve' and 'Go Race!' when you enter the server before typing private messages or chatting in the lobby as this holds the server up from proceeding to the garage and race level.

Sometimes the wait in the server has been upwards of 5 minutes even longer whilst people wait for racers to exit the server, some don't even know how too, hopefully this will make things a little easier, and we can all get racing a little bit quicker.

Also if you stay in the server and don't exit out, nobody else can get back in to race. That's not fair on others who are waiting to get back in for a skid.

So on behalf of the admin team we welcome you to this community and hope you enjoy racing here.

Heatadmin Team
- Heatadmin