Setting up Team Speak

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Setting up Team Speak

Post by Heatadmin » Mon Feb 04, 2008 12:23 pm

"]InSPire Net - KiwiSimRacing TeamSpeak Server


Thanks to the sponsorship of Inspire Net we now have our own TeamSpeak Server. Unlike the public TS server (still running) the new server is dedicated to the KiwiSimRacing community and is hosted on the new Inspire SIM community server. This server is for registered users only. You need a registered user name to join the channels and although you "nickname" can be altered to whatever you like, your TS server "registered" name will always be the same and should people abuse this service their account will simply be removed.

To connect to this server you must have an account at KiwiSimRacing, then you need to download and install TeamSpeak.
The server address is: or

Take Note:

This is how you configure your TS Client to connect to the server:

1. First click "Connection" then select "Connect" - Do not select "Quick Connect"

2. When the box appears you need to select the "Local Addressbook" tab and then right click on "Servers" and chose "Add Server"

3. Give your server a name i.e. "Inspire KSR Server" and fill in your details the same as the example below substituting my name with the username and password you have been given. Obviously the Username you have been given will be the same as your KSR Forum name so most likely you will want to use that as your nickname too especially as this will help to avoid confusion on the server. Also note that the username is case sensitive so you must copy the name given in the PM exactly or it will not work.


Please do not hassle Riven if you have issues, please PM Inspector in the first instance and I will communicate with him if I can not resolve the issue.

Thank you very much to Inspire Net for their support once again and a big thanks to Dave (Riven) who always does more than what his job requires and for personally representing our community through that job _b _b _b
- Heatadmin