KSR Race Rules

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KSR Race Rules

Post by BK » Tue Apr 16, 2013 12:26 pm

KSR Race Rules

Practise Night:
Generally practice nights are on Mondays. It is highly recommended to test your car on the server before race night to make sure everything is running correctly. This also helps make sure you have the correct track installed.

All in-game flags will be adhered too.

Blue - Displayed when a driver does not yield to a car that is lapping him. 1st time is a
warning, 2nd time indicates the driver must yield immediately, and the 3rd time earns a stop and go penalty.
Should you be shown the blue, you will yield to the following vehicle at the next safest point. But it is still up the passing car to make the pass Hold your line. A slight lift on the throttle once the passing vehicle has moved out to pass is all that is required.

Red/Green - Shown in game as a green with a red under it. The driver has been penalized for cutting corners or other race infractions. A stop and go penalty must be taken within 2 laps.

Yellow - Slow down and prepare to stop. There is a dangerous condition on the circuit.
Do not pass under a waved yellow flag, you risk a penalty.

Red with two arrows – Drive thru penalty. Make sure you don't speed in the pit lane while serving this and keep an eye out for drivers leaving their pit stalls. It will not be your fault if you are hit, but you may be damaged.

Voice Comms:
It would be appreciated if all drivers could at least be in listen mode on Discord, for the safety of all.
Abusive Discord or post race forum behavior will not be tolerated. What you do on Discord after the race is the problem of the Discord admin, but during qualifying and the race will be monitored and can be acted upon by the Race Committee. This is supposed to be enjoyable, let’s keep it that way. No warnings before ban from Discord maybe acted upon.

While on Discord, please watch your language, Some of our family, children and friends watch and listen. Baiting and deliberately trying to aggravate anyone will result in dismissal from the league. These people are here to race as well.

There will be NO talking on Discord during qualifying. Failure to adhere will ensure your loss of qualification position (moved to back of grid or start from pit.). There will be no warnings.

rFactor In-Car Chat:
Using rF incar chat during closed qualifying will result in loss of qualification position. There will be no warnings.

Driver Etiquette

A passing manoeuvre is deemed to have begun when two Cars overlap each other by approximately 50% or more. It is the passing cars responsibility to make the pass cleanly and without contact. The car being passed must give a much room as is realistic, as it is their best interests. A driver may defend his/her position by moving off their line in the straights, but in one direction only and once committed to an alternative line, must remain there. If you feel your race has been severely compromised due to the actions of another driver feel free to protest, AFTER the race. The responsibility for the decision to pass another car rests with the overtaking driver. However, this will not relieve the overtaken driver from the responsibility for the safe passing of the other car. The overtaken driver shall not block. Any driver who fails to make use of his rear view mirror, or who appears to be blocking another car seeking to pass, may be penalised.

All competitors have a right to “racing room” on the marked racing surface. “Racing room” is defined as sufficient space to allow a competitor to maintain control of his car in close quarters under racing conditions. It shall be incumbent on all drivers to preserve the right of their fellow competitors to “racing room” on the track. Abrupt changes in direction to impede, or affect, the path of a car attempting to pass may be interpreted by Crash Committee Officials as an attempt to deprive a fellow competitor of his right to “racing room.”

Racing surface definition
Drivers must keep two wheels of their vehicle on the racing surface at all times. The racing surface is defined as the portion of the track between (but not including) the painted lines. Pit lanes, their entries and exits, runoffs, additional paving, grass verges, curb’s, etc. are expressly excluded from the racing surface. A competitor may not improve his position by using non racing surfaces and should redress immediately should this occur.

Pitting and Pit lanes
Drivers must adhere to the pit lane defined by its white lines. Any area left or right of the pit lane i.e garage areas, pit box areas are not to be used while traversing the pit lane. While preforming a pit stop, driver's must enter their pit box from the pit lane as they arrive,(they must not traverse the pit box area for more than 3 meters) when exiting the pit box, driver's must enter the pit lane immediately after they leave the pit box.

The following vehicle must be mindful that different vehicles may brake sooner or take different lines into corners. Braking without contact between the lead and the following vehicles is the responsibility of the following vehicle, unless the lead vehicle is deemed to be out of control and inadvertently causes contact.

Redress policy
It is required that during practice races, series rounds/races, and any organised event the 'redress' policy be adhered to. Any driver whose in-race actions cause another driver's progress to be halted shall slow, or pull to the side of the track, and allow the infringed driver to pass. If during this action other competitors also pass the offending driver then this shall be acceptable. If a redress does not take place during a series race, or organised event, a time or other penalty may be enforced upon the offending driver…

Disabled Cars
If, for any reason, a driver is forced to stop his car on the course during an event, it should be his first duty to place his car in such a manner as not to cause danger, or obstruction, to other competitors. This includes finishing of a qualifying run during an open qualifying session.

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving charges will be issued by the Crash Committee at their discretion. Two upheld charges in one event will force the offender to sit out the following meeting. Typical offences are, poor rejoins causing accidents, aggressive line changes without reason, charging, reversing into traffic, dive bombing etc. These are offences of different nature to the usual racing incidents (late braking, spinning in front of traffic, etc).
If a driver is forced to sit out a second event, any further offences will see the offender dismissed from the league. Competitors may be removed from the event at the race director’s discretion at any time. They will also be removed fromDiscord at this time to allow other competitors to continue unimpeded.

Crossing The Finish Line
When crossing the finish line, crashing your car is not acceptable under any circumstances and will not be tolerated.
Driver's are still racing and racing for position, crashing can cause frame hits for people and it is unfair to disrupt their racing.
Pull over off the track and Esc.. or drive back to the pits.. its just common courtesy.
Breaking this rule will result in points loss or removal from the league.

Headlights never need to be on unless otherwise specified. Headlights are permitted to be used to flash (single on/off) as a means of communication. Drivers who constantly flash their lights (or drive with them on) will be penalized. CC members can penalize without protest if noticed.(the only exception is if the mods uses KSR's modified headlights. constantly flashing headlights is still prohibited)

Protests will be looked at. Please feel free to make them in an adult manner.
Submit the lap and time that the incident occurred on. Crash Committee members will decide who was at fault. You are not to lay blame if you wish your penalty to have effect. Offensive behavior by other drivers that does not have a direct effect on you can still be submitted. Please remember, if it does not show up on the replay or a video is not available, it is almost impossible for the Crash Committee to make a ruling.
Protests must be submitted by 8PM the Thursday after the races.
Drivers who feel they have been unfairly penalized have the right to request to an appeal.
Protests will be ignored if not submitted via PM to the race organizers.
When lodging protests please keep the protest detail to a minimum. Track, Race #, time, and who is involved are all that is required. Please do not submit a detailed story as the CC will be able to determine the cause. Please use your forum/driver name when submitting protests.

PM Crash Committee

You will need a Wheel and Pedals to race in a KSR league.

Above all, enjoy your racing and have fun.