Wreckfest Night: Tuesday 18th of June

Keen to join in? check out what's going on at KSR
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Wreckfest Night: Tuesday 18th of June

Post by Murphy's Law » Thu Jun 13, 2019 9:07 pm


Time for another night of chaos and carnage that is Wreckfest.

Date and time:
Any time from 8.30pm (chance is are there will some on before that). 18/06/2019

Where to get the game:
http://store.steampowered.com/app/22838 ... Wreckfest/

The Server: TBA

We wont be running any mods on the night but what I would recommend (thanks Bull for pointing it out to me) is everyone who wants competitive cars,
1. Go to the steam workshop for Wreckfest/
2. Then type in the search bar "Free Market"
3. Subscribe to this Mod
4. Then launch the game, go to the Mod section in game and make sure it is selected
5. The game will restart. Once it has you can go to the garage as well as the assembly, All the cars and upgrades will be free.
6. Once you have brought all the cars and upgrades you want go to the mod menu and unselect the free market mod.
7. You will now be ready to race.

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