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NZrFL 57: Cortina Cup - Round 4 - Croft

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 6:45 pm
by Obsc3ne

Round 4 of the Cortina Cup takes us to Croft Motorsport Park

Yet another UK circuit with its heritage being formed around an Airway - it's like the poms have been in a couple of wars or something - it was home to many accidents during WWII due to pilots missing the runway.

Croft also has Western Spring syndrome, where people move next door to a racing circuit, then complain that the racing circuit makes noise. In 2009 a court limited Croft to only 40 noisy days per year, which it deemed acceptable as it impact the circuits economic survival...still pure bullsh*t though.

BTCC and Beetle Carrera Cup are held there, although the Superbikes left in 2011.

Race Night Schedule (NZT):
[20:00] - Official Practise
[20:55] - Drivers Briefing + Grids Drawn
[21:00] - Racing Commences

Race Night Format:
4x 12 Minute heats, drawn by kart/speedway heat format (everyone gets a front/mid/back grid)

Driving Aids:
Traction Control - 0
Anti Lock Brakes - 0
Auto Clutch - Yes
Driving View - Open

Re: NZrFL 57: Cortina Cup - Round 4 - Croft

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 1:18 pm
by Obsc3ne
Synopsis from last night
  • Tyre bundles are hard.
  • Drifting is slow.
  • MMj to win the championship next week
Also my fave moment from the league so far.