NZrFL 57: Cortina Cup - Round 5 - Oran Park

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NZrFL 57: Cortina Cup - Round 5 - Oran Park

Post by Obsc3ne » Mon Jul 06, 2020 2:37 pm


I Understand that this video was shot with a potato, but also shows the ideal racing line in a Cortina

Round 5 and the finale of the Cortina Cup takes us across the ditch to Oran Park

It used to be a fun it's houses...........sums it up really.

The points for the title are extremely close, along with many other positions throughout the ladder

Race Night Schedule (NZT):
[20:00] - Official Practice
[20:55] - Drivers Briefing + Grids Drawn
[21:00] - Racing Commences

Race Night Format:
4x 12 Minute heats, drawn by kart/speedway heat format (everyone gets a front/mid/back grid)

Driving Aids:
Traction Control - 0
Anti Lock Brakes - 0
Auto Clutch - Yes
Driving View - Open

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Re: NZrFL 57: Cortina Cup - Round 5 - Oran Park

Post by Chomp » Tue Jul 07, 2020 7:53 pm

Have a good night fellas, kids gave me something so no way I am strapping on the VR and going for a spin tonight, it wouldnt end well :driver:

See you in the next series!

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