NZrFL 59: KSR Grand Prix Championship - Round 5 - Pukekohe

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NZrFL 59: KSR Grand Prix Championship - Round 5 - Pukekohe

Post by Obsc3ne » Mon Oct 26, 2020 7:20 pm


Round 5 and the finale of the KSR Grand Prix series and we're back home at Pukekohe

Race Night Schedule (NZT):
[20:00] - Official Practice
[21:00] - Qualifying (fully open session, everyone on track at once and unlimited laps)
[21:15] - Warm up & driver briefing
[21:20] - Race Start (50 minute timed race)

Race Settings
  • 1 x Fuel (as above - there is no refuelling)
  • 1 x Tyres
  • 2 x Road Progression
  • CPS's - You must run both versions of the race tyre (Soft & Hard) and cannot change tyres on the last lap of the race. (this does not mean that a single stop strategy will be fastest)
  • The Qualifying tyre is banned for the race, but available for use during qualifying.
  • Auto Clutch & Auto Blip - I highly recommend turning auto clutch on due to the possibility of stalling.
  • Traction Control Allowed - Due to the difficulty to drive I'm allowing traction control
  • No Black flags
  • 75% damage
  • Mechanical Failures - Off
  • Type of start - Standing
Special Note
As we have turned off black flags, this has the impact of having no enforceable pit lane speed limit. So, you can speed as you see fit through pit-lane.

I noticed a few people did not have auto-clutch on when looking at the results. To confirm, in every other session you will be able to manually start these if you stall, however in the race you will not be able to.

I've added this in the car selection thread, but the McLaren has an issue, so we won't be able to use it on our race nights. This is a shame considering the Kiwi heritage of the team and the drivers included in the 91' edition, but not racing at all would be worse.

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