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NZiRL 3: Short Track Legends

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2020 3:36 pm
by Bull

Those who know iRacing's history knows it stemmed from the very successful Papyrus title of Nascar Racing 2003, and with our next series, we hark back to the origin's some what - Introducing our Short Track Legends series!

With only a short amount of time before Christmas and New Years holidays, join us for a fun, short and thrilling series of the Legends Coupe taking on some of iRacing's infamous short track circuits!

That's right, for this series, any driver who attends all three rounds will go in the draw to win a $20 iRacing Gift Voucher! - Kindly donated to Kiwi Sim Racing by Obsc3ne

Car: Legends '34 Coupe

[03/12] - Round 1 - Lanier National Speedway
[10/12] - Round 2 - Concord Speedway
[17/12] - Round 3 - Southern National

- 10 Minute Open Qualifying Session
- 1x 10 minute heat
- 1x 5 minute warmup
- 1x 40 minute feature race - inverted grid from race 1 - double points from heats - passing points allocated

... so on

... so on

Passing Points:
1 point for each position you finish ahead of your grid/starting position

- Standard iRacing Rules
- Local Yellow Flags for heat
- Full Course Yellow & Safety Car for Feature
- 30x Penalty, 40x DQ
- 1x Fast Repair
- 1x Extra Tyre Set for Feature Race
- Kiwi Sim Racing's Racing Rules
- Voice Comm's - Discord is heavily encouraged for all communications during the night - Kiwi Sim Racing Discord Invite Link

Race Night Schedule:
[19:45] - Session Goes Live
[20:15] - Drivers Briefing
[20:20] - Qualifying
[20:30] - Racing Commences

Haven't got iRacing??

As most know, iRacing is a subscription based racing sim that has a heap of pay to use content. The fortunate thing, is there is also a heap of FREE content available to race with, just from the base subscription. You will not need to purchase any additional content to take part in this series!

How to join? The good news is, iRacing is currently doing 50% off on all new memberships!

Click Here

iRacing has its own in-built livery creator for each car where you can choose from a range of decals and styles, colour combinations, rim colours and number styles, all for free.

On top of this, custom skins are supported via the Trading Paints website & app available Here

Once registered and the app is downloaded, you can browse from 1000's of user created skins, upload your own, or choose from many of the Kiwi Sim Racing liveries already done - our Kiwi Sim Racing showroom is available Here


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Re: NZiRL 3: Short Track Legends

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2020 6:18 pm
by fourfingapete
Fixed Setups

or do I have to actually try and figure these TYRE THINGYS AND SPRUNG RATES OUT?

asking for a friend..

Re: NZiRL 3: Short Track Legends

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2020 8:20 pm
by Bull
Fixed setup :)