NZiRL 4: Roval Triple Crown - Round 1

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NZiRL 4: Roval Triple Crown - Round 1

Post by Bull » Sat Jan 16, 2021 12:58 pm


That's right, it is time to kick off iRacing @ KSR for 2021!

And what better way to do it than on the popular Charlotte Road Oval course! A true test of patience and endurance will be required to conquer and succeed at this track, with 90 minutes of high speed, curb cutting, aero drafting action sure to unfold.

Race Night Schedule (NZT)
[19:45] - Practise
[20:10] - Drivers Briefing
[20:15] - Qualifying
[20:30] - Racing Commences

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not joined the race session/registered to the race session before the end of the qualifying session (8:30pm) You will NOT be able to join the session for the rest of the night

- Riley MK XX
- Charlotte - 2018 Roval
- 30 Minutes Practise
- 15 Minutes Open Qualifying
- 1x 90 Minute Feature Race
- 3x Tyre Sets for Feature **
- 60L Fuel Tank Limit **
- Time Of Day - Afternoon
- Fixed Setup - Baseline setup (all that is changed is fuel load to 60L)

** Indicates a change from the original format

Server Password:

New to iRacing / Don't have iRacing?

Great news is that iRacing is currently running a 40% discount on all new memberships!
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We have a Kiwi Sim Racing themed livery available for anyone to use this series, available from our Trading Paints Showroom: Here

Of course, if you have your own livery, or prefer to use a different livery from either Trading Paints or the in-game livery builder, you are more than welcome to run any of those as well!

For any new members, I also remind you all that we use Discord for our Voice Comm's - it makes it more than just racing listening into our great - and sometimes questionable - banter between races :larf: Discord Channel Link

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