NZiRL 5: Skippy Showdown

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NZiRL 5: Skippy Showdown

Post by Bull » Wed Mar 03, 2021 6:36 pm


Skip Barber III founded the Skip Barber Driving School in 1975, aiming to show that driving was coachable like any other sport. Originally starting with only 2 Lola based Formula Fords, the driving school grew leaps and bounds and even spawned it's very own 'Pro Series' for 16 years.

iRacing has captured this car and the ideology behind its existence, bringing into their platform as not only a great car to start off in, but a car that proves to be something anyone can race at any point in their career to further hone their race craft, speed, abilities and any other particular driving skill.

We will be running this series coinciding with iRacing's 2021 Season 2 Official Track Schedule - this means that each week we race this series, it will be ran on the same track that is used in the official iRacing season - so if you want to get max mileage and value out of this car, you will be able to race it all week in a populated session before/after racing in this series.

This will also be our first iRacing series to feature a drop week format for the points standings.

Oh - and we have two $20 iRacing Gift Cards up for grabs!

Car: Skip Barber

[10/03] - Practise Round - LimeRock Park
[17/03] - Round 1 - Okayama International - Full Course
[24/03] - Round 2 - Road Atlanta - Full Course
[31/03] - Round 3 - Suzuka International - West
[07/04] - Round 4 - Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace - Grand Prix
[14/04] - Round 5 - Watkins Glen International - Cup
[21/04] - Round 6 - Mid Ohio Sports Car Course - Full Course
[28/04] - Round 7 - Oran Park Raceway - Grand Prix
[05/05] - Round 8 - Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari - Grand Prix

PLEASE NOTE: There has been a night change for this series - racing will take part on Wednesdays

Please note: Some of these tracks will not be free content - however we have aligned the series with the official series schedule so you can maximise value for money from the purchases you may require

- 10 Minute Open Qualifying Session
- 2x 10 minute Sprint Races
- 1x 25 minute Feature Race - Reverse Grid from finish result of second Sprint Race - Double Points + Passing Points
- Open Setup (There is like 3 things you can change)


We will have 2x iRacing $20 Gift Cards up for grabs in this series!
- 1x Gift Card will be randomly drawn - all you need to enter is to compete in at least 6 rounds!
- 1x Gift Card will be given to a 'Most Improved/Impressive Driver' of the series, at discretion of the admin team!

... so on

... so on

Passing Points:
1 point for each position you finish ahead of your grid/starting position

Drop Round:
Each driver will drop their lowest scoring round from their overall standings. This includes rounds where a DNF or DNS has occurred.

- Standard iRacing Rules
- Local Yellow Flags for heat
- 18x Penalty, 25x DQ
- Kiwi Sim Racing's Racing Rules
- Voice Comm's - Discord is heavily encouraged for all communications during the night - Kiwi Sim Racing Discord Invite Link
- Open Setup - There is only 3-4 things you can change in the setup

Race Night Schedule:
[19:45] - Session Goes Live
[20:15] - Drivers Briefing
[20:20] - Qualifying
[20:30] - Racing Commences

Haven't got iRacing??

As most know, iRacing is a subscription based racing sim that has a heap of pay to use content. The fortunate thing, is there is also a heap of FREE content available to race with, just from the base subscription.

How to join? The good news is, iRacing is currently doing 40% off on all new memberships!

Click Here

iRacing has its own in-built livery creator for each car where you can choose from a range of decals and styles, colour combinations, rim colours and number styles, all for free.

On top of this, custom skins are supported via the Trading Paints website & app available Here

Once registered and the app is downloaded, you can browse from 1000's of user created skins, upload your own, or choose from many of the Kiwi Sim Racing liveries already done - our Kiwi Sim Racing showroom is available Here


Overall Standings

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5

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Re: NZiRL 5: Skippy Showdown

Post by kerryland » Thu Mar 18, 2021 4:44 pm

Shit balls. I missed the day change. I was all set to race tonight :-( Oh well. I'll be there next week.

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Re: NZiRL 5: Skippy Showdown

Post by Bull » Thu Mar 18, 2021 9:37 pm

kerryland wrote:
Thu Mar 18, 2021 4:44 pm
Shit balls. I missed the day change. I was all set to race tonight :-( Oh well. I'll be there next week.

They proved to give some good racing - look forward to see you race with us next week :)

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Re: NZiRL 5: Skippy Showdown

Post by Chomp » Fri Mar 19, 2021 11:38 am

It was good after Bull sorted his stuff out, see you next week! ... sp=sharing

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