Forgotten Hope 2 - BF2 mod

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Forgotten Hope 2 - BF2 mod

Post by Sasquatch » Sun Aug 31, 2008 10:29 am

I downloaded on Friday night FH2 for BF2, its about 1.8 gigs. If you ever played FH for BF1942 you'll know they took a relatively arcadie game and made is more realistic. Well in MAY 08 the creators of FH for BF1942 did it again for BF2 with FH2. Yup its BF2 but back to the early 40's and in desert warfare and yes, the weapons and movement has been cleaned up drastically.

The lads over at SCu are looking at testing this mod and if successful, it is another option for Thursday or Sunday nights.

What you need:

BF2 patched to 1.41
FH2 mod patched 2.1
Win XP – if you have VISTA, sorry you’ll have to google for help or get someone who got it to work talk you through.

Please note, this mod is a bit buggy.

It’s a big download and took me a while. There is no readme that I could find so I’ve had to wing most things.

First up, install the game into your BF2 directory. The default install should find this for you.

You will need your BF2 disk to run the game, and you’ll need an EA games account if you don’t already have one with your BF2 profile.

Important: You will receive error messages and the game will not start if you try using the EXE short cut that automatically is placed on your desk top. I don’t know why but both short cuts you get are useless.

Start the game by navigating into your BF2 folder and you’ll see FH2 EXE there. If you create a short cut and drop onto your desktop you get the same error again. Buggy I know.

Co-op play is fooked, so you need to fix it. I’ve posted a screen shot in this thread showing where you can find the CQ.PY (thanks Ron) file. Mine is BF2\mods\fh2\python\game\gamemodes. Rename the file…I renamed mine as shown in the pic above. Then copy the file and repast in same folder and name it This fixes the bug in co-op where you can’t capture any capture points.

Now navigate to your toolbox. Mine is located here: BF2\mods\fh2\binaries\fh2_toolbox double click the FH2_Toolbox icon and click on the updates tab as shown in the pic above. Grab the latest updates there should only be two and they only take a short moment.

While still in the toolbox click on tools at the top by file and options and select SP bot configuration. It should be defaulted to 64 bots. My pc with its AMD Athlon 64 X2 duel core 6400+ processor struggles a bit and makes the game jerky, so I turned it down to 32 and it runs much smoother.

In game settings: My controls all went back to default. So if you customised your settings you’ll need to reset them. The most important setting I found that you may want to change is the mouse sensitivity setting. I had to set mine to around 2.7 for quick but smooth movement. Don’t for get to make your aircraft mouse settings very very fast for quick response if you fly with a mouse like I do. If you have a non-HOTAS joystick then you’ll need to reset and assign as required.

Graphics: Check your graphics settings. Mine is at max with my N8800GTX Ultra and getting roughly 80fps. Mattly mentioned about the widescreen settings to do in your BF2 folder but I don’t know where that is, so Mattly if you find it and you are reading this, please post up how to change. You’ll have to reset your crosshair colours as well as mine changed. PS…make sure your draw distance is maxed out. Cut back on graphics if you have too as its imperative you see far.

Sound: Turn off music as it starts to sound techno disco after a while…1 constant beat repeated for 15 minutes per song…grrr.

Now that all that BS is done, lets fire up the game and start blowing stuff up. For MP set your filters to same version only and same mods only and refresh… about 100 servers will pop up. I had a go on an Aussie one last night with about 10 dudes. I recommend SP mode first off to get used to the controls of vehicles and finding out what does what.

IMPORTANT: There is a greater variety of weapons, guns, and vehicles in conquest MP mode. SP mode is limited in its selection.

Game Play: All the controls in BF2 and functions are almost the same in FH2 with the following exceptions:

There is no UAV
There is no vehicle drop
There are no parachutes (that I could find) if you bail out of an aircraft
There is no supply crate drops

It took me a few minutes and Angry German Kid routine to figure out that in some armoured vehicles; in order to go to bore site you need to press X (the key) rather than right mouse click.

Different types of tanks and fixed guns have different types of ammo. Use your mouse scroll to see the different types and select the same as you would in BF2. Warning reloading ammo and changing ammo takes time.

Tank speeds and protection vary. Bigger and heavier tanks move slowly compared to the panzer II. However, a 57mm anti tank gun can kill it in one shot IF you hit in the right place.

Important: the game is very buggy when exiting a fixed gun emplacement. You can find yourself trapped and unable to get out. Too get out you may have to swivel the gun so the supporting legs are not blocking your path to the exit even though you should be able to jump them and jump out of the pit, but you can’t.

Ballistics, damage, and protection:

Ballistics; depending on the round type and size will depend on muzzle velocity and hitting power, will determine the angle of your shot. An fixed 88mm is pretty much line of sight. A shot from a Sherman you have to angle the barrel some. There are fixed artillery positions from which you can call in arty or use your binoculars to sight for another human manning the artillery can then see what you see and lay waste to an area… Rifle rounds there is a slight bullet drop compared to the mp44 with lots of bullet drop at range. Driving a vehicle and shooting is pretty much a miracle if you hit anything. Just like in real life you have to stop, take aim, fire, then move again.

Damage: A 2 pound gun firing across a valley trying to take out a panzer IV will pretty much bounce off it every time, especially in the frontal armour. However, an 88mm firing an AP round will kill it with one shot. Single shot rifles will drop a man with 1 hit anywhere. MP44 and Thompson require 3-4 hits and do have a lot of kick back so for accuracy, kneeling or prone gives you the best accuracy. If you have been sprinting and try to shoot you’ll hear heavy breathing so your shots will be inaccurate. Grenades have huge splash damage so careful and so do satchel charges. There is also pot mines (anti personal) that you can lay in the ground and also vehicle mines. To deploy mines you have to prone and it takes about 5 seconds to simulate you digging it in. Once in the ground they are almost impossible to see. Pot mines are nasty  Pistols almost require a full clip to get a kill and 1 knife hit is instant kill on dudes.

Protection: Some of the heavier bullets will penetrate some walls of buildings. They will also penetrate some sandbags but never bunkers. All vehicles whether they are jeeps and trucks to Sherman and Panzer IV’s all have levels of protection and weakness. Don’t get angry if you shoot a Panzer III or IV with a 57mm anti tank gun with AP rounds into its frontal armour and you witness the round ricochet off into the sunset. If attacking frontal armour you need to smart about it, and know your WWII history. I won’t give away anymore than that. Some tanks sacrifice armour for speed like the crusader. So don’t even try a slugging match with some other types of vehicles as you’ll loose.

Aircraft: I haven’t figured them out yet except for the Stuka. You can select your bomb load and remember to hold down the SHIFT key to deploy speed brakes. It’s a bit of laugh as it give you that famous Stuka sound as you dive. The X key brings up the gun sight. I wan’t my flatmate get owned by a Stuka diving down with vortexes coming of wing tips making that screeching sound then release bomb and pull up… BOOM he was dead in his fixed 40mm anti aircraft gun.

Sas’s Round Up: The mod has bugs. No parachute option that I could find either… Your frame rates will drop as well due to the upgraded graphics. The sounds of the vehicles, explosions, and running are all excellent and worthy of some of the best sound mods for ArmA I’ve heard. The explosions of vehicles are simply great. Wish ArmA could look so nice and after the boom, seeing them burning with twisted medal is sensational. Rifles, 1 shot, 1 kill thank goodness!!!. The movement and ease of getting in and out of vehicles feels good and smooth. Moving around inside vehicles F1, F2, F3, etc is easy and smooth. It’s even possible to ride outside of tanks. It’s free and if you have BF2 its worth an install and play. In my opinion its worthy of a few Thursday night sessions of PvP or Coop depending on numbers.

Special note to Prom.... sorry about grammar and spelling. Wrote this up at 8am this morning :o
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Re: Forgotten Hope 2 - BF2 mod

Post by Sasquatch » Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:20 pm

Boony and I will be testing this on his server this Thursday night. All are me for IP address and TS password.
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Re: Forgotten Hope 2 - BF2 mod

Post by Boony » Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:40 pm

You may want to add in the Links for downloading Sas

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