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Re: Australasia Joint Series

Post by Bull » Mon Oct 08, 2018 6:22 pm

Bit more testing done tonight, heres my thoughts.

Tracks To Use (Order TBA):
Eastern Creek
Hidden Valley
Road Atlanta
Watkins Glen

I have completed Fuel & Tyre runs at both Eastern Creek and Watkins. Note these runs have been on default setup, and aren't full blown fast laps, nor a conservative lap. I'd consider them to be a steady race pace. Also all done on the soft tyre.

Eastern Creek: 6-8% per lap tyre wear, fuel 2.2-2.5L/Lap depending on vehicle
Watkins Glen: 5-6% per lap tyre wear, fuel 3-3.5L/Lap depending on vehicle

If we work off around 40 minutes for our feature race, that puts Eastern Creek at 28 Laps, Watkins around 23 Laps.

So from some basic calculations, both circuits will require tyre changes, unless conservative driving is undertaken, or a hard tyre used. Neither track will need a fuel fill.

So my question is, are we all happy just having the Compulsory Pit Stop for tyres only? If we run it like this, it will more or less make everyone use the Soft tyre, which evens the field out as everyone is running the same. There is a couple of seconds to be saved in the pits if you want to only change 2x tyres instead of four but it does throw the vehicle balance out.


Do we run 2x fuel which will then require a fuel top up as well as the tyre change?


We run 2x Tyres as well, which opens up the door for a Hard/Soft combination strategy.

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Murphy's Law
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Re: Australasia Joint Series

Post by Murphy's Law » Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:51 pm

A big thing to take into account is tyres and fuel are done separately.

This opens up a lot of strategy. As long as it doesn't make R1 a fuel saving race I think 2x for fuel but 1x for tyres could be interesting. This would open up lots of strategy depending on driver, car and setup. Do you conserve with 2 soft stints, do you go soft medium and push, do you go hards and double stint tyres. Lots of options.

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