Farewell My Friend

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Farewell My Friend

Post by Dirtnz » Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:37 pm

Hey guys

Well it's been a fairly long time since i posted anything in this forum and unfortunately it also happens to be one of the last times i will be able to as well ;(

Stockcar Heat has been a huge part of the KSR community now for the greater part of 6 years and boy what a roller coaster ride it's had during that time here but through the highs and lows heat has always progressed forward through the dedication of it's loyal followers and admin teams to become one of very few mods through out the world still supported with leagues and annual events to this day and to see that it has stood the test of time really does bring a smile to my face ;)

Words really cannot describe how much joy and passion this mod has brought to myself and many of other people over the years the life long friendships formed between members etc has made it all worth while considering i never thought it would really take off as big as it did and it would receive such a huge following i am honored and humbled at the same time but one thing is for certain when i look back on Stockcar Heat and it's time here i can only but feel proud that it's achieved everything that it has.

Those achievements couldn't have been accomplished without some key people and factors however and not one person is responsible for it's success but the whole community has made it into what it's become so to everyone i thank you all for showing the interest and passion for this mod that has kept it going for so long :bowdown:

Inspector: Mate i've said it before but im saying it again you my friend are a true legend i cannot ever thank you enough for everything you've done to help keep heat going over the years your enthusiasm - dedication and support has been second to none so thanks again mate _b

Riven: The behind the scenes hero for initially setting up the inspire servers and hosting and making this mod free to the mass's and taking a chance on a young kiwi kids dream to bring online stockcar racing to everyday kiwi's so big thanks to you mate for everything you've done it's been greatly appreciated to say the least.

Ford Prefect: Another living legend and key ingredient to the mods success in the way of physics and vehicle modeling not only for the original stockcar heat but also for it's later 06 version which are the physics etc still being used today your knowledge and wisdom when it come to that side of things was a god sent had it not been for your valuable contributions to this game i dont think it would have lasted as long as it did because a mod is just a mod if it doesnt have good physics but it was your physics that turned this from just another mod to a great one so cheers mate could not have done it without you ;)

Inspire: Thank you so much for everything hosting - servers you name it without a big ISP like them getting in behind this locally based idea it may have never got off the ground and to still be receiving those free service's 6 years later is unreal without inspire where would we be seriously?? thank you so much :bowdown:

Past and present admins: You all know who you are there are to many of you to list but to all past and present admins your contributions to this game have been phenomenal each and every one of you have brought something to the table to make this game a success and drive it forward over the years and even though it hasn't been easy at times you have all been a key ingredient to making it work for as long as it has and even though your time and efforts have gone largely unrewarding i hope you can all reflect and take pride in knowing that you were a part of the driving force that kept it going _b

Drivers: Although there are many of you here now whom i have no idea who you are i am grateful that each and every one of you has shown and interest in this game and you all play a part in it's longevity for without drivers there would be no need for a community therefore no need for the game so to see just how many people have come through here in the past 6 years and to still see many of those names that were around right from the beginning still here today is unreal so thanks heaps guys and to the following drivers id like to thank you individually for making my time on heat so enjoyable over the years if i forget your name i apologize but there are alot of you :larf:
Tank,Chris56,Kamakazee,Kinghit,Mentl1,Drew,Badass,ET,NewB,Naki,King James,Blenderer,SS Nut,DevilNZ,Mr Bling,Elmo,Wanttobe,Ugmo,Aaza,Cricketfan,Mad Marty,Zeduck,Evlnis,Madnis,Clive,Shorty,Munis,Pitbull,Darkness,Fordfan,Worldno1,Maclad,1073p and more you guys all made my time in heat enjoyable and interesting at times so huge huge thanks guys!!

Ratman: My last individual thanks of all goes out to you mate for without your support and dedication to keeping this game alive over the last 3 years or so this day might have come a hell of a lot sooner but your passion and drive forward is whats kept this mod going for so long with your continued updates etc i cant express how much it's appreciated that you've put so much of your time and effort into keeping it going not only here but into the future at it's new home at NZSH the lengths you and your team have gone to are above and beyond and it's great to know that Stockcar Heat still has a future after KSR and is in good hands so enormous thanks to you mate you deserve it :bowdown:

and last but certainly not least

Kiwi Sim Racing: Really what can be said they took on this mod when no other community at the time would and for the past 6 years continued to be the home of Stockcar Heat and give you all a place to communicate and congregate all free of charge - For everything this community has ever done over the years for all the support of the mod for all the friendships formed on here for being somewhat of a sanctuary for many i have to say
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kiwi Sim Racing!!!!

Well now that the thank you's are done i really dont know what else to say after spending 3 years developing the original SH title and seeing it go from a dream to a reality then onto having one of if not the biggest following any heat mods ever had is a great achievement and one that will always and forever be remembered and looked back on with pride and although this isn't the end of Stockcar Heat it truly is the end of an era here at KSR from the simple beginnings right through to now it's been one hell of a journey and i for one will definitely be sad to see her go from these boards but like all good things eventually they must come to an end and if what i've seen is anything to go by the fresh new start at NZSH and the goodies they have lined up for you lot is going to not only give the mod a new lease on life but it'll blow your fricken socks off!!

Unfortunately one of my big regrets is being unable to compete in the last running of the NZ Champs here at KSR due to time constraints and other commitments i would have really liked to have been apart of that final big meeting just to be there for one last time for old times sake but such is life we cant always have or do what we want ;(

So with all this said and done this is my goodbye to the Heat community here at KSR it's certainly sad to see you go after all these years and you will be missed by many and with that i bid you farewell and wish you all the best at your new residence of NZSH the new home of Stockcar Heat _b

Thanks for all the great memories

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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by booker » Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:20 pm

Well all i can say to that is thanks to you dirt you gave a board solo dad something to do and get involved in i hope we live up to your dedication on the new site and hope you will join us for a race or two

Cheers Booker

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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by Racing_Hart » Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:22 pm

Yeah thanks Dirt and the other key members who made this game work., Its been a good 5 or so years on heat. _b
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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by ford ill do » Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:30 pm

yep, your the man dirt,you helped me out or rather the game did when i was stuck in southland hospital cause without the game to play ,id probably have had to take up knitting :B :B ,cheers for all youve done over the years to make this game what it is today, :grouphug,

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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by MENTL1_CHB » Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:00 pm


:wave: :wave: :wave:

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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by 2LO » Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:44 pm


:wave: :wave: :wave:
Couldnt agree more
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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by stoodlee15b » Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:02 pm

Thanks to all who have made Heat what it was and is today ! _b

all the best Dirtz
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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by wanttobe » Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:46 pm

You sumed it up perfectly Dirt _b
For all the guys you have thanked (Ford/ Speccy) etc and yourself have made a game which has brought so many friendships together as mention below.
Dirtnz wrote:Words really cannot describe how much joy and passion this mod has brought to myself and many of other people over the years the life long friendships formed between members etc has made it all worth while
Most of us go anywhere in the country to speedway/ rugby or what ever and have a place to stay all because of a game :larf:
make sure we all keep in touch guys _b
Oh and KRS well top stuff guys _b

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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by elmo » Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:28 am

wanttobe wrote:You sumed it up perfectly Dirt _b
For all the guys you have thanked (Ford/ Speccy) etc and yourself have made a game which has brought so many friendships together as mention below.
Dirtnz wrote:Words really cannot describe how much joy and passion this mod has brought to myself and many of other people over the years the life long friendships formed between members etc has made it all worth while
Most of us go anywhere in the country to speedway/ rugby or what ever and have a place to stay all because of a game :larf:
make sure we all keep in touch guys _b
Oh and KRS well top stuff guys _b

what them fellas have all said.made a few good mates off heat and a few ememys lol.always good to catch up with ya dirt when we venture up to rotos for the worlds ,wont be this year though as will be down south racing in the nz stockcar champs g/p etc .
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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by godfather » Thu Sep 30, 2010 8:49 am

elmo wrote:.......always good to catch up with ya dirt when we venture up to rotos for the worlds ,wont be this year though as will be down south racing in the nz stockcar champs g/p etc .

I'll have the pot of tea brewing for ya elmo.....

bit of a shame i havent been able to get on for the last few days here, keep getting dragged with the noobs ... :ffs: :ffs: but looking forward to the new community and getting a few skids in. Thanks all that have done what they can for the game thus far, and into the future.

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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by Hardcore » Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:43 am

thanks ksr 4 the great times and all that have made this such a amazn game

see u on the other side

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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by Corey43C » Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:55 pm


Thanks To The HOLE Admin team for doing a great job. appreciated..

Tyrone, Grim , Terminator , SkidLin , v8sRule , Ford and a few others Thank you all for being such good mates in the game and getting me through fresh . :)

55crew my brother.. Thanks for getting me in to the game ages ago now . :)

Lowgt4.. Thanks for the tips of how to race. It means alot , you got me faster aswell . :) cher

Another Thanks to ford ill do for helping me quite awhile ago when my atttude was bad , thankyou for helping me to get a good attitude and helping me with my clean racing- its much appreciated :)

Nanna_CHB.. Thanks for running newbie night and helping me race ALOT Cleaner thanks heaps

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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by worldno1 » Thu Sep 30, 2010 3:56 pm

many thanks to you dirt for the making of this games way back and all the time you spent on it to get it to the stage of running on the servers etc etc

thanks to spud56 for getting me into the game way back a few years ago now :D

thanks to ksr and inspire for letting us run under your guys banners and to hold a couple of servers for us to race on

thanks to admin for running the show and i was one of them at one stage and its not easy sometimes to run, so i take my hat off to you guys

thanks ratman for the upgrades etc man, a lot of time and effort by you to keep things up to date and now to carry it on over on the new forum and servers a big well done i take my hat off to you and your guys

and like dirt said ^^^^^^ thanks to all the great friend ships around the country and good times with the boys from ksr and many more to have too i hope, thanks to you guys for making this place the way it is and so enjoyable to never give it up and to keep racing lol :D :D


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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by Muzza76s » Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:15 pm

big thanks to dirt for making this game and developing it to make it even better . Another thanks to Worldno1 for getting me in to this game :D , once again a big thanks to Dirtnz you truly are a ledgend
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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by Blenderer » Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:51 pm

Dirtnz you are a true legend! :bowdown: :bowdown:

The game that you created was and still is to this day quite an amazing feat. Turning a tarmac nascar game into a full blown NZ Stockcar game that has stood the test of time and given so many Kiwi's a chance to race their beloved homegrown stockcars. But what is amazing is not only the accomplishment of the game itself but the almost cult following that it has gained, and it has brought so many people together and created long time friendships.

I remember when I first stumbled across this game, I was searching the net when a bit bored and thought how cool it would be to have a stockcar game so typed it into Google and found this place. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that the game was FREE and created by someone as a hobby. So I downloaded the game and was playing with others online in no time! (and getting told off for been a dropkick :D ). Since then I've made many friends, had some wicked get togethers and had a ball with this game before moving onto rFactor where Dirt again has showed his legendary talents. _b

I don't have to much more to add as Dirtnz has summed it all up pretty nicely in his post, but I will say that the old saying "One door closes, another opens", couldn't be more true in this case with the new NZSH site up and running courtesy of Ratman & Co. And it looks as though there may be a few surprises in the next Heat update as well, but I'll say no more.

Again, thanks for creating something that has given so many people so many good times Dirt, long may they continue!!
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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by devilnz » Thu Sep 30, 2010 5:19 pm

:( :devil:
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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by Daniel17p » Thu Sep 30, 2010 6:04 pm

i started on heat a few years back now. i was never good and was a bit of a pain most the time but i had fun. i inspired me to get r factor and keep this as a hobbie. with out heat i wouldnt still be here annoying everyone as good as i do :) (dont mean to) cheers everyone thats made heat done somthing towards it and helped out in everyway.

Thanks Daniel.172p

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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by Ratman » Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:05 pm

Well Dirt, Blendy and others have summed it up very well..

Its a shame that it has come to and end at KSR but you can not go past the years of support that KSR and Inspire have shown towards Dirt and the Stockcar Heat mod...

It still has a very strong following and hopefully will live on for a few more years to come... and be a good steping stone for many to rfactor racing...

I would also like to thank Dirt for him intrusting me to look after his mod and allowing me to update it to give it more life... it was amazing the resurgance that heat had when the 08 version was releasd with a new look and updated and current skins...

I would also like to thank the group of people that have made http://www.NZStockcarHeat.co.nz possible. I was asked to join this dedicated group when many thought it was all over including myself and there dedication and drive was inspiring to the point that NZSCH was born.

As Blendy has said we have a few suprises instore for the next update so lets hope people appreciate the time that people have put into this in the past, present and in the future and they do it for the love of the game and in there own personal time...

Dirtnz, Ford Prefect, KSR and Inspire you are all legends for what you have done for heat over the years and now into the future with the KSS rfactor mod...

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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by Hotwheels » Thu Sep 30, 2010 9:59 pm

I remember being a young lad watching dad (TKRHSV) playing Stockcars on DTRSC back in the original days...
Have watched heat progress through the years and it has come a long way since it started, back when I started in around 05/06 using different names being a droppy then decided to give a fair crack and try to get the PW - finally got it around 08.

Thanks Inspire & co. for the servers over the years really getting this game to where it is today, Dirt (and Ford Prefect)- What legends Great guy in real life too and Ratman thanks for your hard work in updating etc and everyone else whos lent a hand. :D

Cheers for the good times, :D

Hotwheels over & out
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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by Ugmo » Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:16 pm

Dirt has summed it up well so I will just add my own thanks to him, a life long friend who I would do anything at the drop of a hat for (yes even that ;p). In fact I've made a heap of life long friends thanks to dirts work.

Heat will be missed but it is in fairly good hands.

Thanks again from the most successful Indi League Admin and first ever SCHeat 2nzgp ;p
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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by Harding Jr » Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:57 pm

ugmo wrote:Heat will be missed but it is in fairly good hands.

Thanks again from the most successful Indi League Admin and first ever SCHeat 2nzgp ;p
Yup that's true, providing those hands belong to Kamran Akmal.
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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by Murdock » Thu Sep 30, 2010 11:10 pm

i think dirtnz should come on now for a last and final race
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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by Fireball45 » Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:30 pm

Well said Dirt and crew a massive thanks to all involved with this.Long live the future of this game and freindships we have all made.cheers Terry
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Re: Farewell My Friend

Post by MrBling » Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:06 pm

I'm humbled to have been mentioned in that exclusive list Dirt! Have made a few mates on here, and had a blast in the days when I lived and breathed Heat. Always great being able to be a keyboard warrior, but it's the people who I've met offline for having played online, that I will take away as the momento! Without your awesome game, many friendships that will live well beyond the life of this game wouldn't have been formed! Thanks for the memories mate!
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